"You meet a thousand people, then you meet that one person and your life is forever changed" |  Love & Other Drugs

by Catherine Anne

With 15 years of hospitality and event experience; from venue management to catering sales, wedding planning, event design and production, Catherine has experience in all facets of event planning. When not seeking out beautiful event inspiration, planning events or strengthening industry relationships; you'll find her volunteering within her community through the Junior League, building a home (literally and figuratively!) with her husband and enjoying quality time with family and friends.  

Catherine and her team helps guide their customers from concept to completion and also served as a sounding board. They seek to work with others who appreciate the ingredients of creative thinking combined with planning and forethought to craft the perfect recipe. Every event is unique and needs to be a reflection of the customers vision, style and taste. Catherine strongly believes in offering a genuine guest experience to ensure that those close to you feel welcomed and will savor every moment. 

Catherine is a natural planner and loves the creative process that allows others to enjoy and value the little details: something tasteful, beautiful, meaningful and memorable. She appreciates the care and thoughtfulness that goes into every detail of a smaller intimate gathering to a multi-day event.  These are the things she wish to celebrate and share with others!


© 2018 by Catherine Anne

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